western project

I did some manual background last summer for a western stop motion idea...but I didn't have time to finish it and it was a little complicated. I hope finishing it next summer. It was really exciting and funny to make it. (the quality of the photos are really bad, my camera is not really good)


le petit chaperon rouge


I'm working on this story, I have a lot of idea; but which style I have to choose? like this or more occidental? aaa always the same mater...the style


AUGUST sketchbook

Time to publish my sketches from August. Again a really rich month full of different taste, feelings, people, places...

from my last days of internship

week end at thionville and METZ with michal and Kat

a sunny sunday with michal at luxembourg

one day at metz, playing tourist

digital painting

at 23:30 I wanted to draw this...I spent a wonderful week end with high school friend, spent time to Paris, went to gobelins to see a friend who's just entered into it and now staying in my family house my last days of holidays.



I really love this movie! so much so much, can't stop thinking about it. I did a little illustration for a dear friend (hope he received it before I post on this blog). I wanted to share it here. omg, wes anderson is a genius, I like all his movies, so originals. watch all of them, there are so nice! *___*


illustration: Le petit chaperon rouge

FINISH! "^-^" I try my best to make it look like professional work.pfiouuu it was really funny to do it, It's since a while I didn't have this feeling.  I hope the colours are the same on all screen...


WIP le petit chaperon rouge

Well, maybe I'm watching too much japanimation... and I really love it ( just the really good ones), most of time, the BG, the clean, the character design are so pretty, so well done, and story is really interesting, I would like so much working on a very good animation  like Nodame Cantabile, Vision of escaflowne, Miyazaki's movie, Samourai Champloo, CLAMP works, etc...

a little WIP (I have to do the BG and the final compositing) I would like it to look like to a finish stuff that could be in a japan serial.

 and this is the research for the global atmosphere and colour of the BG


WATERCOLOUR plein air St Gilles Croix de vie/ St Hilaire

hello; I spent one week near the sea at St Hilaire, it was really nice, everyday was sunny. I tried to make some watercolour in plein air and other pencil' sketches. I'm now a bit nostalgic...it was pretty, and my day was full of balad with my dog, looking at the sea, feeling the wind, reading the three musketeers from alexandre Dumas, and thinking about some new project...

Here are my sketches and watercolour.


watercolour training

I did some other watercolour test from movies' screenshot today. I really love watercolour, it's a wonderful item, but a bit hard to  use it well.