Amis du soir, Bonsoir

To begin, the last illustration I did during this short holiday's week , for my dear dear friend

and some stupid stuff from my sketchbook


Gina and Dipiita, the INDIcow Band!

For TV serial, I'll try to find a good story for them, I like their personnalities. I didn't finish yet the posing color, I have to find the style of the BG, I wish to continue onto this project, I have more ideas for posings, and illustration, background!!!! ^^ just need time to do it ^^


some news

School started again and no time to do personal stuff... I really wanted to do some comics but I realise that this year I have no time. I'm doing a short for a tvpaint exercice, and we have inbetween to do, a lipsync to prepar, a curved pan to do, and other stuff like this. It's really exciting but I have tooo much into my head and they want to go out!!!!  And I forgot, this year, we'll realise short for the end of the bts.

Here are preview of my tvpaint exercice


western project

I did some manual background last summer for a western stop motion idea...but I didn't have time to finish it and it was a little complicated. I hope finishing it next summer. It was really exciting and funny to make it. (the quality of the photos are really bad, my camera is not really good)


le petit chaperon rouge


I'm working on this story, I have a lot of idea; but which style I have to choose? like this or more occidental? aaa always the same mater...the style


AUGUST sketchbook

Time to publish my sketches from August. Again a really rich month full of different taste, feelings, people, places...

from my last days of internship

week end at thionville and METZ with michal and Kat

a sunny sunday with michal at luxembourg

one day at metz, playing tourist